Why is Facebook important for hospitality digital marketing


For hospitality brands, Facebook is a uniquely powerful platform that has distinct advantages and holds unparalleled opportunities. What are these advantages and opportunities? What makes the social network so special?

Here are five key reasons why Facebook is an essential marketing channel for hospitality brands:

Facebook hospitality digital marketing has a unique combination of scale and targeting.

Why are Facebook ads, and Facebook efforts in general, so effective for hospitality brands? Primarily because of the platform’s massive scale.

Facebook is a unique blend; it combines the reach of mass media, such as television, with the targeting options of digital channels, such as search.

Facebook ads are highly effective for hospitality brands.

Facebook’s importance to hospitality brands is rooted in a simple fact: it works. Facebook’s advertising options tend to be consistently more effective than other approaches in helping hospitality businesses reach valuable travel audiences.

Facebook ads were both the most utilized social media channel by hospitality brands last year and the most utilized channel by hospitality brands this year. There are more options for the type of ads you can do with Facebook.

Facebook hospitality marketing enables hospitality brands to reach valuable travel audiences.

According to Skift Research data, as cited by eMarketer, Facebook is by far the most utilized social platform for trip inspiration and planning by those with a household income of $100,000+ (some 39% of respondents use it, compared with 33% for Instagram, 18% for Twitter, and 14% for Snapchat).

The same also holds true for other valuable audiences. Essentially, because Facebook is so popular and has so many different content options (text, photos, videos, brand pages, etc.), it tends to be the first social network many different groups turn to when planning travel.

Helps different hospitality businesses in different ways.

Facebook isn’t just seen as being highly effective by some types of hospitality businesses, it’s seen as being highly effective by all types of hospitality businesses.

According to Sojern data, as cited by eMarketer, inns say that Facebook advertising is most effective in targeting new audiences; independent hotels say it’s most effective in building brand awareness, and home shares say it’s most effective in driving direct bookings and personalizing offers.

Facebook is about more than just Facebook.

Hospitality brands can engage through the overarching Facebook platform in a wide range of ways, in-feed advertising, organic posts, Stories ads, video ads, etc., and across a wide range of apps/services. This includes access to Instagram and managing Instagram within Facebook for all your business goals.


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