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Selling with Social media for businesses

Selling with Social media Is becoming increasingly important in the world of B2B marketing. Today, information on social media is used by more than 70 percent of B2B decision-makers. Research shows that one 1 of 10 social sellers have closed five or more deals thanks to social media, while over half have closed one or more.

So, what are the keys to successful B2B social sales planning?

Assess your current social media marketing.

The first step in B2B social sales planning is to evaluate the current strategy for social inside the organization. Make sure you have data, measurements, and metrics to ensure that you can better understand what is working and what needs to be changed for better social performance.

Get company executives involved in social media decisions and social sales planning meetings.

It is important to get higher-ups involved in the planning process to help ensure congruency between the overall corporate direction and content direction.

Align key content producers with the B2B social sales planning process.

Any social media marketing strategy is only as good as the content behind it, so key content producers need to be involved in the planning process. Remember, decision-makers on average consume five pieces of content before speaking to a sales representative, so content is crucial to getting sales.

Ensure the sales team is involved in planning and strategy sessions.

The ultimate goal of B2B social sales planning is to sell more. So you need to get the sales team in on your strategy. Sales team members can provide you with valuable insight into prospects and the sales cycle. This can help you craft content to engage target leads at specific points in the cycle.

All in all, they can help you identify more social selling opportunities. This will ultimately make your content more relevant and more engaging to help you to sell more.

Seek out the expertise of a social sales expert to get everyone on board.

There is no denying it: Executing a new B2B social sales strategy can be challenging. A social sales expert can help train key players in your strategy and help you craft a more effective strategy that will help you sell more.

Create a targeted social sales plan for both short- and long-term profitability.

Goal-oriented strategies work best. Make sure you set goals toward both short-term and long-term profitability to maximize success.

Implement your plan across a range of channels.

Multichannel marketing is critical to success. Implement your plan across a range of channels, including social media channels, social media messaging, video platforms, photo-sharing platforms and publishing tools.


This is a good checklist of B2B social media selling items for you to start using social for better company revenue results. If you require agency help implementing your strategy, contact us.

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